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The mission of Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors (ACWW) is to ensure that all ill or injured veterans in need of assistance from a service dog will receive free air transportation to a vetted service dog organization.

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Veterans will be matched with a dog trained to adapt to his or her specific medical condition and will undergo training to build a mutually trusting relationship. ACWW understands the profound healing that is developed in this partnership. The wounded warrior now has a reason to get up, a trusted responsibility to manage, and the confidence that comes from the service dog’s special abilities. Together, they can navigate the challenges of life toward a hopeful future. Funds, if available, may be used for other wounded warrior priority medical or rehabilitative travel.

Every Donation Helps

No matter how much you choose to give, your donation to Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors has an impact. Your contribution allows you to become part of the solution to the serious issue of access to health care for the less fortunate. Please help us save another life with a donation that can permanently transform a person’s life! Will you help make a dream come true? It only costs an average of $.52 a mile for Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors to provide ground or air transportation to someone in need.

About Us

“An estimated one in five veterans deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001 has or will develop post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression.” This figure, reported recently in the New York Times, is a major reason Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors was established in 2009. The article continues: “What these service men and women need is a service dog.” Whether they suffer from PTS, mobility disorders, blindness, loss of hearing, amputations, or an illness or disease that makes it difficult to manage day-to-day living, our nation’s heroic veterans can count on ACWW to provide free air transportation to a vetted service dog facility. ACWW is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Partnering with various airlines, we receive requests for assistance from service dog organizations and individuals. Our mission coordinator arranges the round-trip flights. In the words of a grateful client: “Thank you for helping me by flying me and my service dog to required training. Without your help and assistance it would have been a great hardship for me to even have a service dog. May God bless you all.”

Request Assitance

If you are in need of assistance in getting transportation to receive medical treatment, we can help. We provide assistance in the air with commercial airline tickets and volunteer pilots; and on the ground with gas cards, bus and train tickets. Click on the links below to learn more.


Airline Transportation

Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors administers charitable or deep-discount airline ticket programs for patients and patient escorts on behalf of various major airlines. Ambulatory patient travel exceeding 750 miles necessitates the use of airline resources. Special circumstances can make it advisable to use these programs for even shorter distances. Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors personnel are highly experienced in these diverse and often changing airline patient ticket programs. Request A Flight For A Veteran  

Ground Transportation

Our ground transportation program ensures travel for veterans and their families by providing gas cards and commercial bus or Amtrak tickets. Patients (with or without escort) must be ambulatory and require no medical monitoring or care en route. These trips are for non-local medical care or for patients returning home after a distant appointment or hospitalization. The typical trip does not exceed 300 miles. Request Ground Transportation  

More Information

If you need help with travel to a medical appointment, we’re here to help. Please call Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors at 888-849-0507.


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Ways To Give

We cannot operate without the generosity and support of our partners and valued friends. Any gift, large or small, makes a difference in our ability to help wounded warriors. ACWW is also a participant in the Combined Federal Campaign. If you are a federal employee, you can donate to us through that program. Our CFC Number is 11844. Or, if you prefer, you can always send a check directly to our headquarters. 4620 Haygood Rd Suite 1 Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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100% of every donation is used for program purposes.

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